Servco Marketing based in Atlanta, GA traces its roots back to 1987 when a 2 man operation named Repco Marketing began in Columbia, SC. It was created by Don Uischner who at the time worked for a forklift dealership and found himself frustrated by the time and effort it took to get forklift forks. As he discovered more dealerships suffering this same plight he took it upon himself to begin this unique wholesale material handling company. The mission was to offer a high quality fork that would be tailored to the customer’s application. It would be urgently serviced by a regional warehouse and supported by a staff possessing expert product knowledge.

In 1998 after moving to Atlanta Repco was sold and shortly there after Don and Dan Uischner created Servco Marketing with the same business model and philosophies from before.

Today Servco still supplies quality forks, pallet jacks, and other material handling products from Atlanta, GA to material handling dealers. Expert product knowledge and logistics supported by a well stocked warehouse allows the mission started back in 1987 to continue today.