ITA Class II Hook Forks

(Full Taper and Polish)


These forks are designed with hooks to fit a 16″ tall carriage generally found on 5,500 lbs of capacity or less lift trucks. A17 The top hanger is secured by a lever style pin kit. The full tapered blade, coupled with a polish on the top reduces friction and assists in the entry to loads. Application usage includes lumber and unpalletized boxes.

ITA Class II Hook Forks | Full Taper andPolish

MODELThicknessWidthLengthCapacityList Price/Pair
T2B36T1 1/2”4”36”5500#$754
T2B42T1 1/2”4”42”5500#$754
T2B48T1 1/2”4”48”5500#$792
T2C42T1 1/2”5”42”5500#$866
T2C48T1 1/2”5”48”5500#$930
T2E42T1 3/4”4”42”5500#$797
T2E48T1 3/4”4”48”5500#$922
T2F42T1 3/4”5”42”5500#CALL
T2F48T1 3/4”5”48”5500#CALL
T2F60T1 3/4”5”60”5500#CALL